It’s not simply device management, it’s advanced student technology training.

Curriculum in technology reduces costs and improves education through state funding. We build in efficiency, training, and collaboration for your school and students.

Always the latest…..Positive 1to1 is cloud-based on the web and updates are included.

It’s a partnership…..We are your 1to1 partner to ensure your success.

  • Management of resource devices

  • Support for device software

  • Device Problems Ticket Tracking

  • Warranty information / change tracking

  • Student orientation to devices

  • Keeping parents informed

  • Training of Student Repair Technicians

  • Student Responsible Use Policies

  • Student/Parent Device Agreements

  • Repair/Replacement Costs Management

  • Summer Break Device Information

  • Device Buyout Information

  • District Technology Handbooks

  • Device collection and lifecycle management