Discover 1:1 Cost Effective Device Management Services in this Positive 1to1 Webinar

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 1:1 Webinar Event – Video Replay Now Available

Event is past now.  Access video replay here.

What if there is a better way to manage 1:1 devices cost effectively for your school?

What if there was a system to help your staff manage the devices efficiently, your students to learn more and be certified in technology, and your school to be reimbursed for using student technicians to help run the 1:1 program?

There is a way with Positive 1to1!

Learn about the Positive 1to1 system that focuses on 3 key areas:

  • Device Management
  • Student Training
  • Corporate Communication

More than software, Positive 1to1 is a software with program support to enable you to economically do all of the above.  Our solution actually reduces school system costs through state reimbursements while improving the efficiency of the device management and repair onsite.

Event was Thursday, June 15, 2017 from 12:30-1:30 p.m EST

In this one hour, recorded webinar we will cover the various aspects and opportunities of our new Positive 1to1 solution that was birthed out of work in a school system and is now ready for beta for multiple schools.

Join us to discover how the new Positive 1to1 system can help your school manage 1:1 devices, improve school/student/parent communication, and helps train students in technology repair. More than just software, learn how Positive 1to1 helps schools increase technology offerings, lower costs through student technicians and more.

45 minute presentation with 15 minute Q & A at the end.

Video Replay Available!

This is event is now past.  However, you can access the video recording by clicking the button below.