Why is Technology Important for Students?

Why is technology important for students? 6 reasons why mixing technology and learning helps engage students and make them look forward to going to class.


How to Raise Funds for Your 1 to 1 Technology Initiative

Computers in the classroom are a huge benefit but costly. Here are tested and proven strategies to raise funds for your 1 to 1 technology initiative.


What is 1-to-1 Computing?

1-to-1 computing is an educational initiative to prepare students for success in an increasingly digital world. Here’s what you need to know.


Is Elementary Too Early for 1:1 Technology?

Is elementary too early for 1:1 technology? We take a look at pros/cons to help you make an informed decision when implementing technology in your school.


1:1 Implementation Tips

There can be hurdles with 1:1 technology in the classroom but well worth the effort. Try these 11 ideas for successful 1:1 implementation.


Pros and Cons of 1-to-1 Computing

1-to-1 computing in the schools is not new. Colleges/ Universities have been using this teaching method for decades. What is the pro/con for k-12 education?


Successful 1:1 Computing Initiatives

It has been proven time and again that technology in school enhances everything from student engagement to better test scores resulting in greater student success. Here are some points to think about to get a successful 1:1 computing initiative for your school.

Grants to Support your One to One Initiative-315

Grants to Support your One-to-One Initiative

Technology in the classroom is great for bolstering student achievement. Fortunately, there are lots of sources providing funding and grants to support one-to-one programs. Here are 8 grant sources to explore.

One to One Laptop Programs: Are They Successful?

One to One Laptop Programs: Are They Successful?

Are One to One laptop programs successful? The US is lagging behind a lot of the world in student test scores and achievement. Will 1to1 technology in schools narrow the gap? Read about the study done at Michigan State University.

New Indiana Graduation Criteria Starting in 2020

New Indiana Graduation Criteria Starting in 2020

High School Graduation criteria is changing. Schools need to focus on ways to prepare students for life after high school. Positive 1:1 tech in the classroom can prepare students for the futures and help schools and school districts meet the new graduation standards.