About Us

positive1to1 device 1:1 management system for k-12 schools​Positive1to1 is software for resource management, training for student repair and student orientation, and communication between school and parents/students, as well as the support consulting your school needs to meet the lifecycle challenges of moving to 1:1.

Contact us to learn more about deploying this software with service to enable your school to handle device management (laptops, tablets, chromebooks, etc), parent communication, student orientation, and on-site repair via trained and certified students.

Not simply a device management software, it's a new way of educating to prepare tech-ready students for college and the world.

Positive1to1 was born out of need.

The need was a way to manage hundreds of laptop computers ready to be issued to students as the school year started.  Brock Maust was a teacher at Goshen High School in Goshen, IN, and was tasked with the responsibility.

From no system to a complete system using Google Docs, forms, and Sheets Brock was able to patch together a plan to issue laptops to students, develop a ticket system for repairs, and manage training students to help with repairs.

He realized his patchwork of various docs, sheets, and forms was a band-aid at best.  He envisioned a way to manage this all in one online software system where device management occurred, issuing to students was fast, tracking was easy, and student training could occur for those receiving a device, and for students wanting to learn technology including software and hardware servicing.

Brock Maust, founder of Positive1to1, saw a need as other schools in his area were also moving to 1:1 without a concrete plan, and who were intrigued by the concept of student repair management that educated students and potentially earned the school more state funds.

And Positive1to1 was born!