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Empowering Schools to efficiently manage devices, train students, 
collaborate with parents, and save on technology costs

  • Positive1to1 helps simplify and consolidate without the need for confusing and time-wasting band-aids for the 1to1 system.
  • Students are not only trained, they are earning income for their school.
  • Advanced certifications benefit students in the workforce and higher education.
  • Parent access and communication is integrated making it easy for online paperwork completion, paying student fees, and more.

1:1 device management can be an asset or a headache.  How can you manage devices from purchase to student to disposition, easily track the device history and maintenance, and enable students to repair devices?  

Positive1to1 enables K-12 schools to manage their resources and save costs through student training and repair programs, as well as enhancing communication between the school and parents/students.