Grants to Support your One-to-One Initiative

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Grants to Support your One to One Initiative-315Having access to technology helps students study and exposes them to essential technology. By focusing on your One-to-One Initiative you do your students a great service. However, there is the issue of funding. Fortunately, there are several sources providing funding and grants to support one-to-one programs.

Funding Sources For Your One to One Initiative

The Federal Government

Grants for a variety of technology uses and purposes are available from the government. To find a grant for your school, search available grants by category or keyword search terms.

Computers For Learning

Places used computers from government and private businesses in schools. Many used computers are still helpful and only phased out due to the fast-changing nature of technology. To qualify your school has to be  K-12 and can be public, private, a parochial school, or a homeschool. can tell you more.

Donor’s Choice

List what classroom equipment you need. Once funded by a donor the equipment is mailed to your school. This program covers all 50 states, grades K through 12, and all public or charter schools. has more information.

NEC Foundation of America

This organization supports STEM, community-focused, environmental and health and human services based education programs. Find more information about the foundation as well as where to send inquiries at

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Supports a wide variety of different grants with a focus on using technology to improve education. They awarded 112 grants in 2017 totaling 42 million dollars. More information at

Innovation Grant

The NEA Foundation grant awards teachers that want to implement innovative approaches to education. The NEA Foundation is a publicly funded charity. It has over 250 global fellowships. Information about the grants they offer and the foundation itself is found at

Technology Donors Program

A donor driven program, this one helps match your needs to the right donor. First, in order to qualify, you must list what you need for your classroom. As well,  you need to share your experiences and stories. In essence, by telling your story it helps find the right donor for your school. Donations can be money for your technology needs or requested equipment. Your school also receives cash back or help towards future technology projects. More information is  found at the Technology Donors Program website.

Toshiba America Foundation Small Grants Program

The Toshiba grant programs provide funding for technology, math, and science-based education programs. The program is for middle and high school students. Information about Toshiba’s various grants is found at

Final Thoughts

This is only a sample of the many different grants available. You won’t meet the requirements for every grant, however, there are ones that you will qualify for. Therefore, the key is to keep researching, reaching out, and requesting more information. Thus, by staying committed you can find a grant to fund your One-to-One Initiative.